Is Islam a Dangerous Religion?

April 12, 2018 From Lebanon to Israel, Spain, England, France, Germany, America and Canada, terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists on an unarmed populace has been rife.  In all of the massacres the terrorists shouted at the time of their killing, “Allah Akbar” and claimed adherence to and acting on behalf

The Zipper Clause & Cause For Pause

In virtually every contract there is a “Zipper Clause”. This is the clause that appears at the end of a contract, disclaiming any other agreements or oral modifications to the contract, unless in writing. This is in virtually every phone contract, cable contract, mortgage agreement, etc. Few people ever read them, and frequently even judges

Zombies: Legal To Kill In California?

It is difficult to avoid the Zombie Apocalypse. The Zombie Apocalypse is prevalent throughout the entertainment media, webisodes from zombie series, and computer games. Even the Centers for Disease Control has a web page devoted to preparation for the zombie apocalypse, recognizing that if it does not happen, you are still prepared for whatever does